About the company

Wermo is a modern and continuously developing furniture industry enterprise. In order to utilise our 60-years of experience in providing the best product and the service that accompanies that product, we have set a primary objective for our daily activities, which is to get to know our partner thoroughly.

Constant upgrading of production devices and technological innovations enable us to guarantee high-quality output and to apply the principles of sustainable resource use in our activities.

Wermo has always exported most of its output. The share of exports exceeds 85%. The main target markets are Finland, Sweden, Denmark and England and major clients are firms operating in the furniture retailing and wholesale trading sectors.

The fundamentals of Wermo’s successful operation are:

  • satisfied customers
  • production with secure supply
  • high-quality products
  • highly qualified employees
  • sustainable attitude towards the environment
  • quick, flexible and proactive product development

Intrinsic to Wermo’s output and service are:

  • high quality and accurate security of supply
  • constant upgrading of technology and product development
  • product design based on the needs of the customer
  • short supply time and accurate and strict adherence to supply deadlines
  • special and project based solutions in addition to basic solutions
  • quick service
  • wide product selection
  • effective and flexible production

Wide product selection and an individual approach with every customer. Wermo – high-quality comprehensive solutions since 1947.